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August 2022

The theme for this month was

Main Theme: Winter

Subtheme: Hot & Cold


The kimonos were put together by myself in Blender and I tried going more for a Winter themed kimono and the actual colors were supposed to represent hot/cold colors.

I took the photos as well and did some corrections in Photoshop.

Models: RezmondBlu, Lilyiu

VRC World: Yayoi Winter Onsen


This animation was based on the cat breakdancing meme, but modified to fit the theme of Winter (outside and Christmassy theme) and Hot (the elf and Santa are wearing clothes that seems like it hot indoors).

There are 21 individual frames in the video.

Software used: Krita

Tablet: Wacom Intuos



A small scene of a winter-ish night, snowing outside while camping near a fire.

The environment was made inside Unity with some assets being modelled and textured by hand.

The fire and trees were imported Unity store assets due to the time needed to make them.